About Us

Scarves, Clothing & Accessories 

A little something about us…

Tanjore Inc was incorporated in 2006 in New York.

It is a Local Company with an International Outlook.

It is a small business  run by a husband and wife team of Neeta Sharda and Sid Sharda.

Neeta Sharda having  12 years experience in the Garment and Textile Industry complemented by a professional MBA degree in Finance gives her the edge to successfully run a business entity. She has had the experience of successfully running retail operations overseas too.Her stores & her work have been showcased in International editions of High Fashion Magazines such as Cosmopolitan & Elle. Having Direct control & access to Looms & weavers in the East,the Company is able to control quality,Production & Designing. It’s Objective was to bring a fresh perspective & offer something completely different than National Chain Brands!

This was achieved by focusing on Handmade, Eco Friendly & Natural fabrics from exotic India. The Company spends considerable effort in making & bringing one of a kind pieces for it’s esteemed Clients.The Company has a sizeable database of  over a 1000 designs, which are unique to our stores & clients only.

The Company envisages a high demand for its Designer Scarves & Accessories in the New York metropolitan area. The weather is highly conducive to scarves being used more as a necessity than an Accessory .The pure wools & Pashmina’s are greatly appreciated for their weaving textures & fineness & are in great demand .In the Summer time the company compliments its range with silk & cool Cotton Tunics & Skirts wearable by women & even children.

The Company supports an Art culture which has been prevalent  in India for thousands of years and the artisans have being doing the same kind of work for generations.

In a rapidly changing environment where everything is mass produced, Tanjore puts its focus and efforts to keep a culture and art alive for the coming generations.

The company has closely worked with design houses like Donna Karan and Natori as vendors to these prestigious brands.

Our  range of products include Shawls  & Scarves made out of premium fine  quality Wool, Silk wool blends &  Silk. Beautiful Hand Embroideries. Tunics & Skirts for spring and summer. Hand Embroidered Jackets. Accessories such as Jewellery, Handbags & Shoes  to complement & complete the look. Tanjore also carries few pieces of sculptures, statues, curios , furniture from the same region which enhances the overall décor of the store and also gives the opportunity to customers to appreciate and buy these artifacts.

Tanjore At Grand Central

Our experience at Grand Central has been a very rewarding experience.

We started off as a kiosk tenant in the Graybar Pa ssage over 2 years ago. We have had the opportunity to showcase our products in the Spring and Holiday fairs in the Vanderbilt Hall.

This experience has given Tanjore the opportunity to fine tune its line of products specifically to the demographics of the Grand Central commuter and visitor.

Tanjore on 3rd Avenue

Tanjore has recently opened another Store with a much larger variety of products to offer in a very busy Women’s shopping area on the Upper east side. Being neighbors to stores like Chicco’s & Ann taylor, we hope this to be another rewarding experience just as that experienced in the Grand Central.

65-65 Wetherole Street
Suite 6K
Rego Park
NY 11374